visual identity

Like your logo, your visual identity is the first structuring element of your communication. It has to be the engine of your business running, of your products or services highlights.


We start from yourself to create or revisit your posters, flyers, roll-ups, business reports, business cards, brochures, booklets,... so that every element composing your communication will be percieved by your target audience as a trustee source, thanks to the global coherence of the broadcasted messages.


Once your identity is clearly defined and following your expectations, we create or modernize your customized CMS open source. The wordpress platform is prefered for its versatility. We also work with Joomla and Drupal or a customized web architecture. Priority is given to the respect of integration norms, search engine optimization and the advertising of your web site






The copywriter analyses your business activity with an objective look and manages to summarize the different view points in the interviews and supplied contents. He acts as a business journalist.

Result : you are free from this time consuming task and you receive precise and informative texts, with the style you have defined for your business communication


Your visibility also goes through multimedia platforms. Would it be an emailing, a YouTube channel or social networks, you will be sharing your information. But it is not just enough be present to be efficient. You also have to offer a credible experience and a professional image to put all your chances on your side.

advisory service

Your needs need to be precisely defined, and before starting a collaboration, you would like to evaluate a partner. We answer these two requests by a consulting session. You explain your challenges, we find the solutions. We draw the technical and budgetary implications. A two hours session will help you see clearlier and get to know more about your new partner : white line !


Do you need a graphic design realization, a logo, a web site, a presentation board to be created ?

For any request, contact us :

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White line is an independent, proactive and « souple » structure.

Whatever would be the current state of your communication, White line concentrates all the know-how needed in-house: from strategy to exécution (création, production, follow-up) to optimize the return on investment of your web site, your campaigns, your mailings and any other communication media.

Collaborating with white line will give you an original and pertinent work towards your target audience.

Develop your new communication projects with white line, you will be amazed !


Last Creations


Creation of a leaflet for the Federation W-B.

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Design et ergonomie de l'application Comobil par white line  


Design and ergonomy for the Comobil application.

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